Compromise-free protection

The features of our frames respect the parameters established by current regulations, able to satisfy the requirements of Class A category buildings.

Healthy and natural heat insulation

We produce frames with excellent heat insulation levels for energy savings of up to 30% for heating and air conditioning with respect to a traditional frame.

Draughts? No thank you.

All MC frames pass air permeability certification tests. No more draughts and lower energy bills.

Certified performance

MC supplies low heat transmittance frames with standard double-glazing or soundproof and shatterproof glass on request.

Our frames are available with a wide range of opening systems, and can be completed with safety devices and certified anti-break in systems on request.

Our experience is the best guarantee of the quality of our products

MC makes leverage on all its experience to offer top quality, cutting edge products.

Frames designed to take care of your home, we guarantee them.

To buy an MC window means making an investment.

MC frames conform to the latest regulations governing energy saving, sound insulation and safety.

EC mark

MC frames satisfy the requirements to obtain EC     marking.

Choose MC for guaranteed quality.

MC frame components are selected from the best quality products to guarantee long-lasting durability.

Frames for integrating with home automation systems

MC installs motorised opening systems on windows, French doors and tilting/sliding frames. These systems have been designed for simple installation and easy controls by means of a remote control (integrated with the current home automation system).

Greater comfort

•    The frames are opened and closed by simply pressing a button.

•    Hard to reach windows can be opened automatically.

•    Open and close the windows automatically for a regular air exchange.

•    Aeration is given only when it is strictly needed.

Special processing


MC can make your frames with any special colours you need.

Integrated Venetian blind

The Venetian blind is fitted into the double glazing with an airspace of approx. 30 mm (manual or motorised).

MC frames hold high-performance glass

MC installs low-emission energy saving glass in its windows. Thanks to the special surface treatment, low-emission glass considerably improves heat insulation in the window, maintaining a high light transmission level. This is the best solution to reduce energy and the solar factor, reducing heating costs in the winter and air conditioning costs in the summer. Moreover, soundproof, crushproof and anti-break in glass can also be installed.