We have been working with wood for generations to improve the comfort in those places where man lives and works.

We love the light and air and things that are made to last.

Business idea

Our plan is to produce window and doorframes that combine all the charm and warmth of wood with the contemporary needs of our customers.

Our organisation

We occupy an area of eight thousand square meters in the heart of Tuscany, where craftsmanship dates back centuries. The Cinci family is assisted by a team of 48 labourers, carpenters, finishers, office workers and managers, all experts in their respective fields who control the high technology levels of the innovative machinery and management software we adopt.

The raw material: wood

Our family has been working with wood since 1870.

We have been handing our passion down from generation to generation, using this highly precious material in the most efficient and useful manner for mankind.

The exceptional quality of our work can be seen firsthand, from the care paid to each detail to the sophisticated and refined finishes.


Respect for the environment

Wood is a wonderful gift to us from nature, and helps improve our lifestyle even when it is used as a window frame, given its ability to absorb CO2 and return oxygen to the environment. In fact, MC is an important link in a supply chain that focuses great attention on the environment and the production and transformation of wood, in a view to improve environmental sustainability.

MC uses exclusively water paints with a low environmental impact.

The quality of Italian production

Our products are entirely designed and produced by our specialised carpenters in our joiners’ workshop and each door and window is made with the utmost care and attention and checked one by one. Besides complying with current legal standard requirements, each product undergoes constant technological development to ensure the highest standards for our customers in terms of heat and sound insulation, safety, endurance and design.